Servo Valve Pack - 8 Station

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This extremely compact servo valve pack weighs only 15 kg / 33 lb in sea water and provides precise control of propulsion thrusters on underwater vehicles. 

  • Extremely Compact and Lightweight
  • Return Oil Temperature Sensor
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve
  • Integral Cover Relief Valve
  • Integral Soft Start Valve or Pump Remote
  • Control Valve Options
  • Water Ingress Sensors
  • 77 LPM Flow @ 70 bar pressure drop
  • Fully Captive Screw Assemblies

The pack incorporates eight 77 LPM (20 USGM) rated servo-valves that provide low pressure drop on most standard ROV applications. The use of this pack in conjunction with Sub-Atlantic’s efficient thrusters and hydraulic power units will produce an unbeatable propulsion solution with regard to reliability, efficiency and cost. The valves can also be used to control any tool requiring a variable speed or reversible function.