The success of your entire operation may fail or succeed based on selecting the right valve for the job. From the multi-faceted needs of oil and gas processing to the severe-service demands of the mining and power industries, Forum leads global valve manufacturing with advanced, field-proven solutions. Our agile, customer-focused technical teams are committed to your success, from initial consultations to long-term maintenance needs.

Upstream valves

ensure high integrity at the very start of your operations, providing superior control for high-pressure, high-debris flows closest to initial production sites.

Midstream valves

provide compact designs and remote performance for large flows of natural gas, oil and water, particularly across remote, unmanned areas.

Downstream valves

offer a broad selection of designs and materials suited specifically for the highly specialized needs of downstream processing, including exceptionally safe manual valves.

Power valves

support the diverse needs of many industries, providing strength and flexibility while conveying everything from coolants and water to steam and compressed air.