Buoyancy Modules

Forum’s Syntech products provide high-quality and cost-effective syntactic buoyancy solutions to clients around the globe. The original company was founded in 1985 to serve the marine and oceanographic industries worldwide. Forum’s core Syntech products are syntactic foam buoyancy modules for ROVs. In addition Forum can supply a range of syntactic materials for numerous other subsea and marine applications.

Syntactic buoyancy material properties can also be tailored to meet the varying demands of a variety of underwater applications. In particular the acoustic characteristics of the materials, such as transparency, absorption, reection, and refraction, are ideally suited for underwater applications, such as acoustic windows, anechoic test tank linings and transducer isolators and decouplers.

Custom-made tooling can be used to manufacture specific syntactic foam geometries in batch quantities or, alternatively, for smaller custom applications blocks or sheets can be bonded, finish machined and ultimately coated in a protective skin.

Syntech Buoyancy Foam Modules are used on the Forum Perry XT1200 and XT1500 Trencher.

Uplift Calculator

ROV Buoyancy Foam Modules

The quality and reliability of Forum’s Syntech products is evidenced by the fact that Syntech is demanded by many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users of equipment such as work-class ROVs and observation class ROVs, AUVs, trenchers, deep water moorings, torpedo target arrays, sonar arrays, and scientific instrumentation.

Umbilical / Cable Float

Syntech Umbilical/Cable Floats are of a proven robust and durable design. They are used in a variety of ROV and survey operations worldwide. The operating depth of Syntech Umbilical/Cable Floats range from 500 meters to 6000 meters.

Cylindrical Marker Floats (CMF)

Forum’s Syntech CMF comprises a PVC exterior shell with a variety of syntactic foams at the core. The cylindrical shape with at ends allows them to be more easily staged, shipped and transported than any other marker oats. Additionally, the Syntech CMF is of modular design and can be created in varying sizes, along with variable inside diameters. Syntech CMF can be provided coated or uncoated to meet specic client needs.

Syntactic Acoustic Damping Material (SADM)

By combining syntactic foam technology with advanced acoustics theory a novel class of underwater sound attenuators has been created. These materials, known as the SADM and the Syntactic Acoustic Transducer Baffle (SATB) families of syntactic foams, have repeatedly shown high levels of echo reduction and insertion loss over the 10 KHz – 100 KHz range, both at ambient pressure and at operating depth. Two types of materials are available: -1 series for broadband attenuation and -0.5 series for improved performance at higher frequencies (above 30 KHz). These materials have been found to be extremely effective in a number of underwater acoustic applications. SADM has been used extensively as an anechoic acoustic test tank lining. SATB is designed for use as a transducer isolation mounting material. Acoustic characterization graphs are available which detail the transmissive and reflective properties of at test panels.

Custom Moulded Syntactic Solutions

Custom Distributed Buoyancy Modules

Forum can provide custom built Syntech Distributed Buoyancy Modules (DBMs) that can be designed and manufactured specially for the end-user. The DBMs are placed into specific geometric configurations that allow a reduction in tension loads, offering a calculated amount of uplift to the pipeline.

Custom Solutions

Forum has developed bespoke Syntech buoyancy blocks for fitment to a range of subsea cutters. The buoyancy blocks were designed to withstand the harsh environment experienced during cutting operations and the shape is optimized so as not to intrude on the operations.

Pig Launchers & Receivers

Forum’s Moffat product line is one of the world’s leading and most experienced designers and manufacturers of subsea stab assemblies and pigging heads with a well-deserved reputation for product quality and reliability.

The Moffat team has extensive experience of supplying subsea Pig Launchers and Receivers (PLR’s) to both offshore/subsea operators and ROV intervention contractors.

Key Features:
  • Hundreds of units supplied to sites worldwide.
  • Pressure Range up to 10,000 PSI (690 BAR).
  • Line Pipe sizes up to 36″.
  • Complete with Skid/Bump Protection Frames.
  • Topside and Subsea designs.
  • Deepwater applications in excess of 2,000m.
  • Complete with ROV operable subsea ball valves
Design Features:
  • Full design, manufacturing and test facilities available in-house to many International Codes of Practice (i.e. PED, PD5500, ASME VIII, B31.3, B31.8)
  • Can be designed to suit any type of Pig.
  • Various materials available including (Carbon Steel, Duplex, and Super Duplex).
  • Smaller units capable of being deployed and retrieved by ROV.
  • Complete with Skid/Bump Protection Frames.