Cast Iron Valves

DSI Iron valves include Gate, Globe and Check valves for the application demands of Petroleum Refineries, Chemical Processing Facilities, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, Municipalities and other facilities around the world.

Gate valves are designed for use in the fully open or closed position and are not recommended for throttling. Because of its low resistance to flow when fully open, the gate valve is particularly desirable and generally recommended for use in applications where a minimum pressure drop is required. When throttling is a requirement, DSI recommends the use of a globe valve.

DSI gate valves are designed with a solid wedge. The solid wedge design is suitable for most applications including steam, air and fluids.

Globe valves are generally recommended for use on services handling liquid, vapor or gas in applications where it is necessary to throttle or regulate the flow by positioning the disc in a fully open, fully closed or intermediate position.

Due to the design of the globe valve, the path of the fluid changes direction several times causing a condition of turbulent flow which in turn will cause an increase in the pressure drop through the valve. Because of this, we do not recommend a globe valve in applications where pressure drop is to be kept to a minimum

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