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Design, Customize and Expedite with Forum

At Forum, we design and manufacture surface production and process equipment. We offer custom design services and complete in-house assembly of packaged modular units and packaging solutions. All of our process equipment is manufactured for both ASME and non-code specifications.

System Design & Manufactured Products

  • Process design for gas conditioning, hydrocarbon separation and recovery
  • Wellhead separation
  • Glycol dehydration
  • Wellhead Skidded Production Units
  • Modular Production Facilities
  • Crude Oil Separation
  • Gas Production Units
  • Indirect Line Heaters and Heater Treaters
  • Filters and Sand Separators
  • Coalescers
  • Pig Launchers & Receivers
  • Slug Catchers
  • Pre-fabricated Piping Assembly
  • LACT
  • BTEX Eliminator
  • EDGE

Field Services

  • Start Up/ Commissioning
  • Training Installation
  • Maintenance Programs

Inventory Sales

  • Process equipment parts: Regulators, Safety Shutdown Devices, Thermostats, Motor Control Valve Parts and Trim, Flame Arrestors, Gaskets, Level Controls and Glycol


  • ASME Stamps S, U and R with all applicable sections II, V, VII and IX
  • API 12F Monogram