Produced Water Treatment

Product Literature

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Our legacy Howe-Baker equipment, along with our continuous innovations, represent some of the best known separation technology in the business. With this, we are uniquely positioned to provide, package, and service complete onshore and offshore process solutions as well as single component offers to fit your custom needs.

Forum produced water solutions include:

  • Corrugated Plate Interceptors (CPI)
  • Desanders - Solid/Liquid Hydrocyclones
  • Deoilers - Liquid/Liquid Hydrocyclones
  • Induced Gas Flotation
  • Nutshell Filters


1. Primary Treatment

Designed to reduce suspended solids (TSS) and bulk oil droplets. Forum’s CPI has a smaller vessel size than other gravity separators, reducing the capital and installation costs.

Available designs include: vertical or horizontal, pressurized or atmospheric, stand alone or packaged, corrosion resistant packs, high operating temperature, and high concentration of solids.

Designed to separate immiscible, insoluble liquid-liquid mixtures, such as oil and water (also called liquid-liquid hydrocyclone). When the fluid enters the hydrocyclone it spins radially. Centrifugal forces promote rapid separation where the denser fluid moves through the walls of the hydrocyclone and the less dense fluid flows into the lowpressure center.

Designed to separate solid/liquid mixtures, such as sand and water (also called solidliquid hydrocyclone). The mixture is fed tangentially into the tube and the mixture spins in the radial direction, similarly to deoilers.

The centrifugal forces created while spinning separate the solids from the liquid. The solids are drawn toward the wall of the tube while the water moves toward the axis of the tube.


2. Secondary Treatment

Designed for further removal of oil from water. Forum’s robust design has proven beneficial for treatment of produced water that contains difficult-to-treat oil and high solids content, e.g. applications with heavy oil or iron sulfides

The water mixes with chemicals in the vessel, eliminating the need for chemical flocculation tanks.


3. Tertiary Treatment

Designed for further removal of oil and TSS from water. Forum’s nutshell filters comprise a pressure vessel with crushed, graded walnut and pecan media.

An important feature of Forum’s walnut and pecan shell medium is its hydrophilic property. This property results in captured oil droplets having a greater tendency to remain in droplet form on the surface rather than coating the medium, as is the case with other filtration media.