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In the late 1940’s, Howe Baker Engineers of Tyler, Texas developed its proprietary Howe-Baker electrostatic separation technology that is owned by Forum today. Forum acquired the product line and its design and drawings in 2010.  We are the owners of the original design, and we are the only legitimate original equipment manufacturer  of this historic line of Howe Baker desalters, dehydrators and distillate treaters. The electrostatic desalters and dehydrators utilize a unique technology that provides the most effective solution to remove water soluble contaminants such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium chloride from crude oil. If not removed, these salts will hydrolyze to form hydrochloric acid, which is the primary cause of corrosion failures within crude unit equipment. Since the 1950’s, over 500 units have been installed by the original Howe Baker Engineers and Forum Energy Technologies. View our History for more information.

The removal of water and water-soluble salts from crude oil and other hydrocarbons is crucial to avoid corrosion of the process equipment, additional transportation cost due to increased volume, potential catalyst-poisoning, and increased viscosity. Electrostatic separation of water from crude oil is critical to obtain high quality products in the upstream and refining industries.

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The original Howe Baker EDGE® technology (now owned by Forum), Forum’s EDGE® II, and Forum’s EDGE® III form the EDGE family of desalters. These electrostatic desalters/dehydrators utilize AC-type electrostatic coalescing for the efficient removal of contaminants. Electrostatic coalescence of water droplets occurs when the electrode applies a high voltage to an oil/water mixture, forcing it to separate. As the water falls out, so do many of the undesirable salts and solids. 




  • ​Solid Steel rod electrodes provide long service life unaffected by high concentrations of oxygen with typical life expectancy in excess of 20 years
  • Insulators (grid hangers) designed with proprietary materials to ensure highest tensile strength in the industry

  • Severe Service Entrance Bushing available for higher pressure and temperature operation 

  • Pilot Plant Services

  • Extensive user list with installations in operation on all inhabitable continents.

  • Reduced salt carryover that results in minimized corrosion, chemical costs, equipment fouling, maintenance costs and unplanned shutdowns

  • Decreased water carryover that leads to lower energy costs, stabilized unit operations, increased crude throughput, minimized slop oil production and reduced waste water treatment costs.

  • Minimized oil undercarry that results in reduced product losses and slop treatment costs.

  • Reduced solids carryover that leads to less equipment fouling and foaming

  • Designed to optimize chemistries.

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Kick Amp Responder (KARTM) Bolt-on upgrade can regulate output voltage automatically

  • ForuMIXTM proprietary high efficiency mixing device.

  • ISO certified  

  • Design in accordance with industry standards and best practices



The electrostatic separation technology is available in different designs to provide multiple options for optimization of individual applications. Options to energize one, two, or three electrodes are based on power available. The designs offer distribution and electrode locations that can vary, depending on processing requirements and specific operational needs. The electrostatic separation technology is available in three different designs:

  • The original Howe Baker EDGE technology
  • Forum’s EDGE II
  • Forum’s EDGE III
  • Nu-Static Distillate Treater / Coalescer (DC)


The original Howe Baker EDGE technology design (owned by Forum) distribution is typically used for:

  • Lighter crudes
  • Crudes in production applications
  • Crudes with high water content


Forum’s EDGE ll distribution is typically used to process:

  • Heavy/ high viscosity oil
  • Crude oil high in solids content
  • Synthetically produced oil
  • Emulsion sensitive feed stocks
  • Higher throughput rates in existing vessels
  • Greater flexibility in changing feedstocks 


Forum’s EDGE lll is a unique design that incorporates the original Howe Baker EDGE design and Forum’s EDGE ll distribution systems into the same vessel to provide the optimum flexible design. As the properties of the crude change, the two distribution systems in one vessel offer the best option for processing

Forum’s Nu-Static Distillate Treater is typically used to process:

  • Natural condensates, aromatics, reformer feed, virgin naphtha, distillates hydroxide, jet fuel/kerosene hydroxide, alkylate, distillates


The original Howe-Baker Engineers’ nameplate from Tyler, Texas. Forum acquired and owns the Howe-Baker  designs including EDGE  and is the only supplier of genuine Howe-Baker parts.