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Vmax Project simulator is an all-encompassing simulation solution for the offshore industry, used to develop various simulation applications.

Providing a standard functionality for any ROV equipment,VMAX allows accurate simulation of the equipment in a subsea environment and has been successfully used by operators, service companies and engineering firms to run simulations of complex situations in a subsea environment for many years.

The software has been used for pilots and trainers to utilize in their rehearsal and training sessions. Engineering firms and ROV operators validate engineering designs with procedures for on-site rehearsal and instant feedback, prior to Systems Integration Testing.


VMAX Project Simulator software can be installed on both dedicated simulation kits provided by VMAX in a real control environmental setup. Connected with a vast array of ROV top-side control consoles, VMAX can be installed on a standard desktop PC or laptop computer (see specifications). Additional control peripherals are available that provide the functionality of a full hardware console in a small plug-and-play USB interfaced mini-console.

  • Realistic visuals and shadowing showing accurate depth perception
  • Complex material and adjustable friction system
  • Dynamic cable system and realistic object hydro dynamic physics
  • Built in support for full range of Forum Energy Technologies ROV Solutions
  • Ability for end users to add custom ROVs
  • In-scenario vessel and crane dynamics
  • Record missions in real-time for future playback for training or marketing purposes
  • VMAX Project Editor allows users to rapidly develop in-house scenarios