Type 6 Tether Management System

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The Type 6 tether management system (TMS) has been specially developed to provide a long excursion, yet weight efficient solution. It is capable of handling a 9000kg ROV package with 3g rating. It is suitable for all work class ROVs.

The TMS stores and deploys the ROV tether cable so that the ROV motion is decoupled from motions of the main umbilical to the surface vessel. It allows the ROV to operate at a greater operating radius from the deployment point.

The docking box used on the underside of the TMS has a powerful two stage latching action that structurally locks the ROV to the TMS for deployment and recovery through the sea surface.

The top lifting cone can be a Forum standard design of customer specified bullet, to suit an existing A-Frame. The Type 6 TMS has a gentle tether route which will maximize the operating life of any matched tether.


  • 4000 m depth rating
  • Variable tether speed
  • Net ROV weight 9000 kg
  • Tether line pull 300 kgf
  • Up to 1500 m tether @ dia. 27 mm
  • Gentle tether handling
  • Tether load sensing
  • Auto-render overload protection

When hauling-in, the main drum pulls the tether across the rollers and the main sheave provides a controlled resistance to keep the tether tensioned within the TMS.

When paying-out, the sheave wheel gently grips the tether in a groove and pulls against a controlled drum resistance.

The control system is specially configured so that starts and stops are ramped.

Tether length counting is accurately recorded by a dedicated measurement roller. Tether tension is measured by a load sensor.

The spooling is mechanically driven so that the ROV can still pull off full tether even when the TMS is now powered.


Tether Diameter: 25-39 mm
Capacity (Dia. 27 Mm Tether): 1500 m (1275kg in air)
Capacity (Dia. 35 Mm Tether): 1029 m  (1103kg in air)
Maximum Line Pull (Inner Layer): 300 kgf (adjustable)
Depth Rating: 4000 m
Haul in Speed (Average): 37 m/min max
Weight in Air (Excluding Tether): 3120 kg
Maximum Load Rating of Umbilical Connection: 13500 kg (3 g rating-proof load 40,500 kg)
Maximum Load Rating of ROV Docking Box: 9000 kg (3g rating-proof load 24000 kg)
Diameter: 2316 Mm (Including Rubbing Strip)
Narrowest Width: 2260 mm
Height: 2345 mm
Grooved Drum Shell: Standard

The specification details are illustrative for marketing purposes only. Actual equipment may be different as a result of product improvement or other reasons. Specific interface and performance information should be reconfirmed at time of order placement.