Teledyne TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyrocompass

The Meridian Surveyor boasts a wide range of interfaces to enable use on any marine vessel. The unit utilises a DTG gyro element which provides exceptional performance with an accuracy unmatched by even the latest fibre optic designs. Unlike conventional spinning mass gyrocompasses, the Meridian Surveyor uses a dry tuned element (DTG) that removes the need for routine maintenance thereby significantly reducing cost of ownership.


  • IMO & Wheelmark certified
  • Innovative chassis design incorporating state-of-theart digital electronics for improved reliability
  • Maintenance-free DTG element
  • Dynamic heading accuracy of ±0.2°
  • Static heading accuracy of 0.05°
  • <40 minutes settling time
  • Start-up power requirement of 1.8A
  • Comprehensive range of analogue and digital output options
  • MTBF of 30,000 hours
  • High turn rate of 200° per second
  • User-friendly digital set-up and self-test



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