iXBlue Surface Octans

OCTANS, with Ethernet output, is an IMO certified survey grade gyrocompass and complete motion sensor. It is based on iXBlue’s FOG technology, which outputs true heading, roll, pitch, heave, surge, sway, acceleration and rate of turn.


  • Complete gyrocompass and motion sensor
  • Smart HeaveTM
  • Fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG), unique strap-down technology
  • Ethernet, web-based man-machine interface (MMI)
  • IMO certification
  • Small, portable plug and play system
  • High-performance real-time outputs of true heading, roll, pitch heave, surge, sway as well as acceleration and rate of turn
  • No spinning element hence maintenance free
  • Network ready intuitive user interface through any web browser terminal
  • Pre-approved international quality and safety standard
  • Saves valuable time




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