Guidance Navigation RadaScan Transponder

Single or multiple transponders are mounted at suitable locations on the target structure. RadaScan Transponders are supplied either with external power supply for permanent installation or with self-contained battery pack temporary or semi-permanent use. Both types are intrinsically safe and ATEX certified. The transponders are passive and uniquely coded. They are truly retro-reflective and precisely reflect the received sensor beam back to the sensor with an attached ID code. The sophisticated reflector design ensures a horizontal (azimuth) viewing angle of up to 170° giving excellent directional coverage for vessel manoeuvres and reducing the number of transponders needed for complex operations. A single transponder can be used simultaneously by any number of vessels. For improved redundancy and precise heading control, even against a moving target vessel, RadaScan can calculate position using up to five transponders simultaneously.


  • Guidance Navigation RadaScan Transponder with Mounting Bracket



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