Teledyne TSS DMS-H Motion Sensor

The DMS-H heave sensor has been developed to work with a wide range of modern single beam echosounders. With their design allowing acceptance of correction data from the DMS-H, real-time heave compensation of the sounder data is now achievable. Providing heave data in analogue and digital format, the outputs of the DMS-H are easily configurable via a simple operator’s menu.


  • Heave measurement to meet IHO standards
  • Provides cost savings by increasing weather windows for survey
  • Solid state accelerometers and rate sensors
  • Accurate real-time heave data
  • Removes vertical motion errors from survey data to eliminate the need for post-processing
  • Suitable for a wide variety of vessels
  • Free telephone support for life of product
  • Designed to provide operators with the optimum cost benefit solution



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