Pacific Crest ADL Sentry

ADL Sentry is an advanced, high speed, wireless data link built to survive the rigors of precise positi oning and environmental monitoring applicati ons. This sophisti cated 0.1-4.0 Watt radio modem uti lizes Pacifi c Crest’s next generati on Advanced Data Link (ADL) technology while remaining backward compatible with existi ng Pacifi c Crest, Trimble and other products. The ADL Sentry is ideal for remote sensing, machine control, and environmental monitoring applicati ons. For the most rugged and reliable digital data link, go with the new standard in wireless communicati ons – ADL Sentry.


  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Environmentally sealed
  • High Over-the-Air Link Rate
  • Configurable Transmit Power
  • Advanced 40 MHz Bandwidth
  • Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth



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