Sonardyne Scout Plus USBL

Scout USBL is a complete vessel based acoustic positioning system designed for tracking divers, ROVs and towfish in waters up to 1,000 metres. The system calculates the position of a subsea target by measuring the range (distance) and bearing (heading) from a vessel mounted transceiver to a small acoustic transponder fitted to the target; a technique known as Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning. USBL is widely used by the offshore survey and ocean scientific industries as it offers high accuracy performance combined with efficient subsea tracking operations.


  • Affordable and high accuracy tracking system for divers, ROV and towfish
  • Easy to install and use; no prior USBL experience required
  • Supports simple through to complex subsea positioning operations
  • Up to 1,000 metres slant range
  • All sensors, software and hardware provided
  • Portable; can be operated from almost any size boat including RIBs
  • Equipment upgrade path to Sonardyne’s deep water USBL system – Ranger



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