Sonardyne Ranger 2 USBL System

Ranger 2 is a survey grade Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic positioning system designed for deep water, long range tracking of underwater targets and position referencing for dynamically positioned (DP) vessels. The system calculates the position of a subsea target, for example an ROV, by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel-mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder fitted to the target. Multiple subsea targets over a wide area and range of water depths can be simultaneously and precisely positioned.


  • Tracks an unlimited number of targets; ROVs, towfish, AUVs
  • Operating range beyond 6,000 metres
  • 0.1% system accuracy when optimised
  • Up to 1 second position updates
  • Supports standard DP telegrams
  • Automated setup reduces delays
  • Easy to use software



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