Sonardyne Wideband Sub-Mini Transponder/Responder (WSM)

Sonardyne’s family of Wideband Sub-Minis (WSM) are a versatile range of USBL transponder/ responders designed for positioning ROVs, towfish and other mobile targets in water depths up to 3,000 metres.

Compact and rugged, WSMs incorporate the latest Sonardyne Wideband® signal technology which offers superior ranging accuracy, operation in a mulit-user, multi-vessel environment and fast USBL position updates.


  • Choice of 1,000 Metre or 3,000 Metre depth rating
  • Choice of Omni-Directional or Directional beamshape with class leading acoustic power output
  • Channel selection via serial data port by PC
  • Transponder or Responder operating modes
  • Depth sensor for improved USBL positioning performance
  • Long-life NiMH battery
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Windows based software for test and setup
  • External On/Off switch for ease of use and storage


  • Sonardyne 8070 WSM Directional Transponder
  • Sonardyne 8071 WSM Omni Transponder



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