Kongsberg Mini SSBL Transponders

The Mini SSBL transponders (MST) are medium frequency mini-transponders. The MST transponders are to be used with the following underwater positioning and navigation systems:

  • HiPAP system
  • HPR series

It is to be used for applications where a small and lightweight unit is required. A MST transponder is delivered with a moulded protective plastic coating. Uncoated units are available as an option.

  • All switches and connectors are recessed within the end cap for added protection.
  • The transponder comes with a pigtail with connector.


  • External selection switches
  • Channels for use with the:
    • HiPAP system / HPR 400 series
    • HPR 300
  • Operator selectable source level to optimise battery life requirements
  • Operator selectable sensitivity
  • Fast battery charging
  • Both transponder and responder function (external power supply)
  • Expandability for the future addition of various sensors is built-in
  • Fast battery charger (requires rechargable battery)


  • Kongsberg MST 319 Omni Transponder
  • Kongsberg MST 324 Directional
  • Kongsberg MST 342 Super Directional



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