Applied Acoustics Midi Beacons

Midi Beacons offer all round flexibility in difficult acoustic conditions such as found in deeper water or noisy environments. Midi Beacons are compatible with Easytrak and almost all industry tracking systems operating worldwide. As all switch selections are external, there is no need to open the product to change channels to match the tracking system chosen. Battery charger and external power switches are similarly external.


  • Directional or omni-directional beam pattern, depending on the application
  • Externally configurable for use as Transponder, Responder or Pinger
  • Optional high power model to operate longer ranges (H suffix)
  • Can be supplied with a remote transducer
  • Transducer Protection Cages available to reduce accidental impact damage
  • Telemetry option for confirmation of accurate beacon depth (D suffix)
  • Survival depth to 4000m also available


  • Applied Acoustics 949 Midi Beacon
  • Applied Acoustics 935H Midi Beacon



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