Teledyne CDL MiniRLG2

The Teledyne CDL MiniRLG2 is a high grade inertial measurement unit that meets the ever increasing demands for accurate measurement of attitude, orientation, position, and navigation offshore. It uses ring laser gyro (RLG) technology giving a product that is highly accurate, stable, small and light, and has no moving parts. MiniRLG2 has a variety of functions, it can be used as a heading, pitch, and roll sensor, or as the core of a sophisticated inertial measurement unit taking aiding inputs from Doppler Velocity Log, GPS, velocity, and depth sensors.


  • Survey Gyrocompass
  • DVL, GPS Aiding
  • Heave Surge Sway O/P
  • Upgrade Path to MINIPOS2
  • Highly Rugged
  • RLG Optical Technology – No Moving Parts
  • Variable Data Output
  • Light Weight



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