DeepSea Power & Light SeaBattery 24Vdc, 42Ahr & Charger

DeepSea Power & Light’s SeaBattery power module is a pressure-compensated submersible battery pack designed to perform at any depth, even the high pressure, low temperature environment of deep ocean trenches. Routine deployments to 6,000 meters as part of sea floor instruments and towed camera sleds have proven the SeaBattery power module to be both reliable and robust in the most demanding of subsea applications. At the heart of each system are maintenance-free, rechargeable, lead-acid batteries utilizing Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. AGM batteries provide end-users with numerous advantages over wet cell batteries including: maintenance free, no spilling of electrolyte, inverted operation, low self-discharge, plus vibration and shock resistance. Recombinant chemistry inside the battery cells minimize outgassing by re-joining free oxygen and hydrogen molecules into water. The SeaBattery power module is approved for cargo-only air transport by the U.S. DOT and IATA, if needed.


  • Ocean trench rated
  • Excellent capacity retention
  • Operates even if inverted
  • Available in 6v, 12v, 24v or 48v configurations
  • Pressure test certification available


  • SeaBattery 24Vdc, 42Ahr
  • SeaBattery Charger



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