Sonardyne G6 Data Fusion Engine

Fusion 6G® continues to be the world’s most popular Long BaseLine (LBL) acoustic positioning system by providing the most accurate method for installing subsea structures, tracking ROVs and conducting acoustic metrology. The system operates by measuring acoustic ranges to a seabed array of transponders. The ranges are then passed through a least squares computation to precisely trilaterate a position. As the system utilises a fixed seabed array, the system precision remains the same regardless of water depth.


  • Faster setup using high speed telemetry commands
  • Data storage and retrieval in Compatt 6 such as installed array co-ordinates
  • Real time signal diagnostics for critical application QC
  • Faster to calibrate using simultaneous baseline calibration
  • 500+ non-interfering unique addresses for field-wide simultaneous operations
  • Compatible with previous generation Sonardyne hardware


  • Sonardyne G6 Data Fusion Engine c/w Software & NCU



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