Sonardyne Dunker 6 LBL & Telemetry Transceiver System

Dunker 6 is a 6G® Wideband®2 Long BaseLine (LBL) and telemetry transceiver specifically designed for vessel deployment. The super duplex stainless steel housing with shock and vibration isolated electronics makes for an extremely rugged dunking system.

Its high power output and Sonardyne Wideband®2 signal processing offers improved operating range and acoustic performance in challenging conditions such as when deployed from noisy vessels or in multipath environments.


  • High power, long range LBL transceiver
  • MF frequency band utilising Sonardyne Wideband®2 ranging and telemetry protocols
  • More robust performance in shallow water and reverberant environments around structures etc.
  • Real-time diagnostics available on ranges to enable quality control
  • Rugged mechanics and connectors
  • Shock mounted internal electronics
  • Internal Li-ion battery ensures that the transmit Source Level (SL) is maintained during telemetry
  • Integrated modem capability for data download from Sonardyne AMT/Fetch products at data rates from 100 to 9000 bits per second
  • Multi-user friendly


  • Sonardyne Dunker 6 LBL and Telemetry Transceiver System (Omni)
  • Sonardyne Dunker 6 LBL and Telemetry Transceiver System (Directional)



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