Teledyne CDL Diver Level (300m)

The CDL DiverLevel is a highly compact subsea inclination measurement tool designed for use by divers with ease of use and functionality to the fore. The simplest solutions are often the best and

the DiverLevel combines the technologies of the already successful CDL MicroTilt and MiniTXT into a single unit with a built in rechargeable battery pack allowing up to 4 hours of continuous operation.

Single axis inclination readings are shown in the high brightness LED matrix display allowing easy readout of data and a machined ‘V’ block on the base helps in fitting the unit to curved surfaces such as anchor chain links and pipes. A large carrying handle allows easy transportation and installation by gloved hand and the built in CDL MicroTilt MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor provides high accuracy inclination measurements at 0.2 degrees in a static environment.


  • High accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Light weight
  • Optional red or green LEDs
  • Scrolling or flashing text
  • Fast re-charge (NiMH batteries)



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