Visualsoft Digital Video Recorder System

VisualDVR HD is a high definition digital video recorder designed to offer all the functionality of the standard VisualSoft VisualDVR but with the ability to record full HD quality video from the new generation of subsea digital cameras.

The HD recorder is fully configurable to allow the user to select video recording modes including standard PAL resolution all the way up to full HD recording.

VisualDVR HD can be synchronised with other VisualDVR units to provide multichannel high definition video recording.


  • 6 Integrates With VisualWorks Digital Video
  • 6 Integrate with VisualEvent eventing suite
  • 6 Fully Compatible with VisualWorks Suite
  • 6 Fully Compatible with Media Player
  • 6 Compatible with DVD Playback Software
  • 6 DVD +/-R/RW Compatible



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