Kongsberg OE1324 Enhanced SIT Low Light Camera

The model OE1324 Enhanced SIT camera combines the proven underwater abilities of the SIT image-intensifier with sophisticated new video processing circuitry, developed from military technology. This camera provides unrivalled low-light and long-range underwater viewing capabilities, ideally suited to ROV navigation, turbid water inspections, ambient light operations, scientific research and defence applications. The oe1324 is fitted with a corrosion resistant Titanium alloy pressure housing with 3,000 metre depth rating as standard (other housing options available). The standard camera includes adaptive contrast enhancement, automatic tube protection circuits, over-voltage protection, and special high-frequency amplifier circuits for operating on long cable lengths. The oe1324 Enhanced SIT extends the performance of the world’s most successful range of professional underwater cameras.


  • Enhanced Low Light Performance
  • Long-Range Viewing
  • 3,000m Titanium Housing



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