Kongsberg OE13-124 Low Light Camera (SIT)

The OE13-124 (625 Line/50Hz) and oe13-125 (525 Line/60Hz) BIT camera is Kongsberg’s new generation of low-light underwater camera, and delivers unprecedented light sensitivity, image quality and viewing-range performance. Robustly designed to perform in the harshest underwater environments, the wide-angle oe13-124 incorporates an advanced back-illuminated and thinned (BIT) CCD light sensor and integral image-processing technology, delivering up to six times the light efficiency in water* as previous EMCCD based camera technology. This performance advantage, combined with a host of other best-in-class features, results in significantly improved image definition, contrast and low-noise levels across a wide dynamic brightness range.


  • Up to 6 x more light efficiency in water than previous generation EMCCD sensor technologies
  • Wide dynamic brightness range
  • Wide viewing angle (95° diagonal)
  • High resolution (576 horizontal TVL/ph)
  • Optimally pre-configured image-processing settings
  • Compact, lightweight, robust, low-maintenance design
  • In-air focus check for easy set up, water compensated optics
  • Unmatched environmental protection features
  • 4,500m depth-rated (Deeper options available)
  • Built-in long-line cable drive (With remote-control)



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