FMC Schilling Robotics TITAN Wrist Camera for T4 Manipulator

The wrist camera features an integrated titanium camera housing and internal cabling, offering superior protection and eliminating cable snags and abrasion.

The wrist-mounted TITAN integrated camera provides operators with an exceptional view of tasks being performed. The high-resolution camera and two bright LED lights are contained in an integrated titanium housing for maximum protection. Since signals and power are routed though the manipulator arm, there is no external cabling that can be snagged or abraded. Both NTSC and PAL cameras are available.


  • High-Resolution Color Camera
  • Integrated Titanium Housing
  • Includes Two Bright LED Lights with Two Illumination Levels
  • No External Cables
  • NTSC or PAL
  • Standard Depth Rating of 4,000msw
  • Lights and Camera Managed by the Master Controller
  • Available on New Manipulator Systems or as an Upgrade Kit



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