Teledyne TSS 440 Pipetracking System

TSS technologies are proven in operation in some of the most exacting environments world-wide, and its equipment is established as the most accurate means of obtaining pipe and cable burial data.

There is a need for a system that can detect the presence of both pipes and cables, and can provide accurate and reliable survey data, which describes the position of these cables on or beneath the seabed. The system needs to be flexible in its range of uses and in the variety of vehicles on which it can be installed to complete survey work.


  • Pulse induction technology allows accurate survey information regardless of vehicle heading
  • WindowsTM based display and control software
  • DSP techniques give quality control information
  • Long range detection of buried subsea targets
  • Fully integrated system with altimeter, spares and documentation
  • No time-consuming vehicle calibrations required
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to install and service


  • Teledyne TSS 440
  • Teledyne TSS 440 Dual Track System



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