Teledyne CDL MiniPOS3

The MiniPOS3 is a full Inertial Navigation System (INS) providing highly accurate Heading, Pitch and Roll alongside multiple aiding options including USBL, LBL, DVL and GPS to provide a positioning solution that eliminates almost all of the inherent noise and availability issues of traditional positioning systems. Developed from the successful MiniPOS2 system the addition of USBL/LBL aiding technology provides a system that is capable of providing high accuracy aided positioning for most subsea construction, inspection and survey related tasks for ROV and AUV.


  • Selectable Baud Rates
  • Inertial Navigation
  • DVL, GPS, Depth Input
  • WGS84 Output
  • Heading Pitch Roll O/P
  • ROV and AUV Navigator
  • Packaged With DVL
  • 6000m Depth Option
  • RLG Optical Technology – No Moving Parts



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