Tritech Super SeaKing DFS Sonar Head

The Super SeaKing DFS shares many of the features of the SeaKing DFS,

which has been chosen as the standard obstacle avoidance sonar in many of the major ROV fleets around the world.

The Super SeaKing DFS is not one but two mechanically scanned imaging sonars in a single subsea pressure housing: a 325 kHz sonar with a true operational range of up to 300 metres for long range target acquisition, and a 675 kHz sonar for ultra-high definition images. Other frequency options are available upon request.


  • Composite material technology used in new transducer design, providing:
    • Greater range capability
    • Greatly improved resolution and sidelobe suppression
    • Direct compatibility with existing transducers (can be retro-fitted)
  • Modular transducer construction - elements replaceable
  • New longer lasting slip ring assembly
  • Option of RS23



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