Tritech Super SeaKing DFP Profiling Sonar Head

The Super SeaKing Dual Frequency Profiling Sonar Head uses the latest technological advances available in transducer design. Using composite transducer technology this sonar offers substantially increased ranges and image resolution.

Utilising side lobe suppression techniques, improved SNR and a reduced beam width. The Super SeaKing DFP provides high quality profile data never before available from a mechanical scanning profiler.

Operating at 0.6MHz and 1.1MHz this new profiler has been designed with a hard boot, which offers increased protection over conventional mechanical scanning profilers.


  • 0.6MHz profiler for use in water containing suspended particles or where longer ranges are required
  • 1.1MHz profiler for higher accuracy work at short ranges in clearer water
  • Hard Boot protection
  • Increased scan rate



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