Tritech SeaKing Hammerhead DST Scanning Sonar

The SeaKing Hammerhead utilises a wide transducer aperture, very fine mechanical step size and proven Digital Sonar Technology (DST) to create high resolution imagery.

The latest addition to the SeaKing family of imaging scanning sonars, the Hammerhead can be easily networked with other SeaKing equipment.


  • Twice the resolution than other mechanical sonars
  • DST (Digital Sonar Technology)
  • Ultra-narrow horizontal beam angles for maximum resolution
  • Dual channel, dual frequency operation
  • 675kHz for large area survey up to 100m
  • 935kHz for high definition target examination at up to 40m
  • Integral Attitude Sensor for static and dynamic deployment information
  • Geo-referenced plotter display
  • Motor-driven shaft uses a unique dual seal arrangement for maximum reliability in adverse conditions


  • 4000m rated



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