Kongsberg Mesotech 1171

The 1171 Series of Sonar Heads have been developed to meet the requirements for deep ocean applications. The new sonar heads have reduced size and weight while providing the high level of data quality characteristic for all Kongsberg Mesotech sonars. The dual transducer design allows optimized operational configuration for both long range obstacle avoidance and shorter range imaging detail. The transducer is protected within an oil-filled, pressure compensating dome. The telemetry is RS485 and RS232 compatible and is automatically sensed and configured at start up to match the telemetry link used. The sonar head operation is configured and controlled using the MS1000 Software Processor.


  • Kongsberg Mesotech 1171 Imaging Sonar (975-2103)
  • Kongsberg Mesotech 1171 Profiling Sonar (975-2104)



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