Tritech SeaKing 700 Series

The Tritech SeaKing 700 Series comprises of up to four high resolution sensors:

  • Tritech PA500 Precision altimeter
  • Paroscientific Digiquartz Precision depth sensor
  • Falmouth Scientific Conductivity probe
  • Falmouth Scientific Temperature probe


  • Conductivity and temperature module eliminates the need to take daily "dips"
  • Real time, on line monitoring of seawater conductivity and temperature
  • Correct velocity of sound may be applied in real time to devices such as the SeaKing profiling sonar and the altimeter
  • Corrected temperature and salinity parameters can be passed to the Digiquartz depth sensor


  • Tritech Bathy 704/7
  • Tritech Bathy 704/14
  • Tritech Bathy 704/20
  • Tritech Bathy 704/40



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