Tritech Digital Precision Altimeters

Tritech PA200 and PA500 Digital Precision Altimeters are based on the same high performance electronics found in the proven, industry standard SeaKing sonar and profiler systems.

The range of compact Tritech PA200 and PA500 Digital Precision Altimeters provide exceptionally accurate height off seabed and subsea distance measurements.

Full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies, together with greatly improved input dynamic range, offer unsurpassed levels of performance from a compact unit.


  • Analogue only outputs
  • Digital only output
  • Simultaneous analogue and digital outputs
  • Noise immunity
  • Can be field reconfigured for different applications
  • Free-running outputs
  • Interrogated outputs
  • Low operating voltage options
  • 4000 metre standard depth rating


  • PA200
  • PA500



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