Skye Instruments Weather Station

The Skye MiniMet is a modular multi- channel weather station for environmental monitoring.


  • Ready configured on arrival. No complicated setup routines. Sensors just plug in - no complicated wiring up
  • Choice of communication links including GSM cellular phone
  • Extremely portable which makes the MiniMet ideal for short-term research or monitoring projects
  • Supplied with SkyeLynx Standard, an easy-to-use communications package for offloading data as a simple ASCII file. This can then be imported into commercial spreadsheet packages
  • Optional softwares offered are SkyeLynx Auto for automatically downloading data at preset times, and SkyeLynx Deluxe, a powerful graphing program
  • Compatible with many 3rd party software programs
  • Features a real-time clock and conventional calendar. Readings can be synchronised with other stations



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