Applied Acoustics 529P Acoustic Release Beacon

Acoustic Release beacons from Applied Acoustic Engineering provide the means by which scientific, survey or operational equipment can be deployed or reliably retrieved from its anchored seabed mooring.

Standard products and customised versions are available to meet specific underwater release, command or control challenges.


  • Positive Drive-Off Mechanisms ensure reliable mechanical release in high biofouling environments.
  • Choice of beam pattern, directional or omni-directional.
  • Reliable FSK acoustic command sequence for communications security in high noise/reverberant environments.
  • Over 2000 possible command channels (1000 as standard).
  • Compatible with Easytrak (Range/Bearing/Status Telemetry/Release), Applied Acoustics’ PAM units (Range/Status Telemetry/Release) and other MF USBL Systems (Range/Bearing).
  • Also operate as standard acoustic positioning beacons compatible with almost all industry standard tracking systems.
  • Field adjustable internal frequency and release identities.
  • Optional increased depth ratings and higher source levels.
  • Longer life and higher load versions available.



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