Buckleys BathyCorrometer

The BathyCorrometer® is a well-proven inspection tool for measuring the levels of corrosion on sub-sea structures. Light and easy to use, this hand-held unit enables divers to obtain accurate readings of the corrosion potential levels of structures at the point of contact.

The first BathyCorrometer® unit went into rigorous North Sea service in 1971. Customer satisfaction with the performance of BathyCorrometers® has led to specified use, worldwide. The current model retains the features of the original Roxby unit but with the addition of modern electronics. It can also be connected to a Surface Display Unit (SDU), which provides a top-side verification of readings.

BathyCorrometers® are used for polarisation, corrosion and interaction surveys, in particular as part of the commissioning check or inspection of production and drilling platforms; sub-sea pipelines; ships’ hulls; jetties and other marine works.


  • Illuminated digital display
  • Facility for adding remote monitoring
  • Single handed and light
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Robust and inert housing
  • Suitable for use in deep water – up to 350 metres
  • Easily replaceable half cell
  • Supplied with calibration certificate
  • Kit includes Zinc and Magnesium test blocks



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