Knudsen 320M

The 320M Marine Echosounder was developed to meet demanding requirements of field work. Its low maintenance modular construction, together with advanced features and easy configuration, make the 320M the most flexible sounder available.

Using either the high or low frequency channel or both simultaneously, the 320M produces a high resolution record accurately depicting bottom profiles and sediment layers with 32 shades of grey. The thermal printer uses easily loaded 21.6cm (8.5") plastic film for permanent, high-quality records. The annotated depth grid is printed with reverse shading for clarity.


  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Pre and Post Dredge Operations
  • Single / Dual Frequency, 3.5 to 250 kHz
  • Compact, Rugged Design
  • Automatic or Manual Control
  • High Resolution, 32 Greyscale Printer
  • Software Flexibility Ensures Product Longevity
  • Interface - GPS, Heave, Datalogger, SCSI, Windows



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