Teledyne Reson SeaBat 8128

The SeaBat 8128 is the first commercial, wide-sector, wide-band, focused multibeam sonar ever to be deployed. Utilizing 240 dynamically focused receive beams, the system measures a 120° sector. The backscatter intensity image is displayed in real time on the sonar display.

The transducer can be mounted on a surface vessel or deployed on an

ROV at depths down to 1500m. The high-speed data uplink is carried on a standard SeaBat copper cable for surface installation. A fiber-optic interface is available for ROV deployment.


  • Dynamically focused 0.5° beams
  • 240 beams
  • 2.5cm near field resolution
  • 120° by 17° sector coverage
  • 600m and 1500m depth rated



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