Kongsberg EM3002

The EM 3002 is a new advanced multibeam echo sounder with extremely high resolution and dynamically focused beams. It is very well suited for detailed seafloor mapping and inspection with water depths from less than 1 meter up to typically 200 meters in cold oceanic conditions. Maximum depth capability is strongly dependant on water temperature and salinity - up to 300 meters is possible under favorable conditions. Due to its electronic pitch compensation system and roll stabilized beams, the system performance is stable also in foul weather conditions.


  • Full swath width accuracy to the latest IHO standard
  • Swath width up to 10 x water depth (EM 3002D) or 200 m (cold oceanic water)
  • Depth range from < 1 meter to > 200 meters
  • Bottom detection by phase or amplitude
  • 100% bottom coverage even at more than 10 knots vessel speed
  • Real-time ray bending and attitude compensation
  • Seabed image (sidescan) data output
  • Sonar heads for 500 or 1500 meters depth rating
  • Water column data display window + logging (optional)


  • Kongsberg EM3002 – Single head
  • Kongsberg EM3002 – Dual head