Applied Acoustics CSP-L Seismic Energy Source

The CSP-L is a seismic energy source for high resolution boomer sub-profiling applications, intended for use primarily as part of the Applied Acoustics’ Inshore Boomer System. Available as a 50 Joule or 100 Joule unit, the CSP-L uses minimal generator current. The 50J design can operate at 8 pps and produces a high resolution pulse when used with the AA201 boomer plate. The CSP-L 100J variant produces greater penetration at up to 4 pps with the same transducer. It is ideal for inshore survey work.


  • Cutting edge power supply technology evolved from years of field use.
  • Operates from the smallest possible generator.
  • Reliability and security with global after sales service and support from the world's leading seismic power source manufacturer.
  • Contains proprietary pulse shaping circuitry for optimisation of high resolution boomer data.
  • Meets EC emissions regulations enabling interference-free field and laboratory use.
  • Additional safety/protection features including ‘Safety OFF’ button and key-switch operation.
  • LCD read-out includes repetition rate display.
  • LED fault indicators.
  • High current and voltage solid state (semiconductor) discharge method.
  • Supplied with robust transit case, mains lead and H.V. connector plug.



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