Coda Octopus Ultra Thermal Printer

With a wide range of interface options including parallel (centronics), compatible with most PC based acquisition systems, plus three channel analogue with full independent triggers, Octopus 120 and 200 series greyscale printers are easily interfaced with commonly used data sources. Uniquely, the three channel capability, with fully independent channel settings, allows simultaneous display of data such as seismic and sidescan. Both models offer very high print resolutions (200 dpi) at up to 256 grey levels, with 2368 pixel print width (120 series) and 4096 pixel print width (200 series). With 20% greater print width than many other similar models, the Octopus 120 is able to print three channels without compromising resolution.


  • 12” or 20” print width
  • 3 channel analogue input with independent triggers
  • Serial, parallel and GPIB interface options
  • 200dpi resolution
  • Up to 256 grey-shades


  • Coda Octopus Ultra 120 Printer
  • Coda Octopus Ultra 200 Printer



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