Coda Octopus 760 D Processor

The Octopus 760 geophysical acquisition system is a compact multi-channel acquisition package for sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler.

Designed and packaged specifically for geophysical acquisition, the Octopus 760 is ready to use straight from the box, requiring minimal training and no special hardware configuration. Incorporating a large high resolution display and the familiar Octopus key-driven user interface in a rugged instrument, the 760 is simple to use in all survey scenarios and is ideally suited for use on both small and large vessels.


  • 4 channel analogue sidescan acquisition
  • 2 channel analogue sub-bottom acquisition
  • Analogue output
  • Dual SIMULTANEOUS sidescan and sub-bottom acquisition
  • Simultaneous display of sidescan and sub-bottom
  • Asynchronous sidescan and subbottom trigger timing
  • Standard recording formats: XTF, SEGY, CODA, GeoPro
  • Internal recording to hard disk and DVD RAM disks
  • Simple 7-key interface
  • Serial inputs for navigation and standard fix strings
  • High resolution 15" screen
  • High speed network connectivity
  • 19" rack-mountable or freestanding
  • Supports all standard printers (analogue and digital)
  • Optional in-built UPS



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