Geometrics G-881-882 Marine Magnetometer

The G-882 offers flexibility for operation from small boat, shallow water surveys as well as deep tow applications (4,000 psi rating, telemetry over steel coax available to 10Km). The G-882 also directly interfaces to all major Side Scan manufacturers for tandem tow configurations. Being small and lightweight (44 lbs net, without weights) it is easily deployed and operated by one person. But add several streamlined weight collars and the system can quickly weigh more than 100 lbs. for deep tow applications. Power may be supplied from a 24 to 30 VDC battery power or the included 110/220 VAC power supply. The tow cable employs high strength Kevlar strain member with a standard length of 200 ft (61m) and optional cable length up to 500m with no telemetry required.



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