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At VisualSoft, our team of software developers continuously strives to provide the most innovative, robust and user oriented products which are valued worldwide by our diverse spectrum of customers. All our software products are available with carefully specified and configured hardware solutions and we offer the services of our skilled installation engineers to assist with mobilisation on vessels and at office locations. Offering round the clock support and a range of training courses to suit our client’s needs, VisualSoft has become a respected and valued partner to many of the world’s Subsea Construction, Survey and Inspection contractors as well as their clients who own and operate the Subsea Assets which we help to visualise.


Visualsoft is a market leading provider of Digital Video and Data Acquisition and processing systems for survey and inspection of underwater assets. We were the first company to introduce Digital Video into the offshore oil and gas industry and have led the way in the introduction of new digital video formats into the subsea market allowing our customers to take advantage of the best available video quality for the least amount of data overhead.

Key to VisualSoft’s success has been the innovative way our products allow our clients to administer, manage and review the video and data which they collect during surveys and inspections especially of large assets such as pipelines or jackets. The VisualSoft Suite provides multichannel video and data acquisition functionality which is time synchronized to allow simultaneous review of video and data for any logged event, position, component or time, quickly and efficiently.

As well as software for acquisition and archiving, VisualSoft provide a powerful software platform for offline processing of video and survey data. VisualEdit Professional is an automated data processing and data editing package which provides a fast and consistent method of processing survey data. VisualEdit Professional reduces the man-power required to process survey data and delivers a quality result that is repeatable and easily checked.

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Oil and Gas Tanker Inspections Tunnel Inspections Underwater Archaelogy

VisualSoft have led the way in introducing innovative digital video recording and inspections solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry since 2001. A continuous policy of delivering cost effective solutions has made us an undisputed leader in subsea digital video recording systems in use by all the major inspection and construction contractors.

VisualSoft's range of digital video and data recording solutions are ideally suited for rapid and cost effective hull haul and tank inspection surveys. Rapid data collection and simple data visualisation result in rapid turnaround of inspection data to the client.

The VisualWorks range of underwater digital video survey and inspection products are ideally suited to recording and reporting of video inspections of flooded tunnels

VisualSoft's innovative digital video and inspection products have been used for underwater wreck and archaeological surveys where accurate and reliable cataloguing of historical artifacts is required.