VisualReview & VisualReview Professional

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VisualReview is a freely distributable viewer that is supplied with reports generated using the VisualSoft Suite. This allows the end client to view video and survey data reported in a VisualSoft format. This application is available for download from the Forum VisualSoft Support website.

Features of VisualReview

  • Synchronised Video, Audio and Data playback
  • Grab and Export stills and video clips from video
  • Grab and export graphical survey data views
  • Filter and search tools
  • Offline Overlay display

VisualReview Professional is an upgrade to VisualReview that end-users may subscribe to on a yearly basis. This upgrade gives the end-user some extra features that are not available in the free version. In addition, the subscription includes email and telephone support with regular software upgrades direct from VisualSoft.

Additional features of VisualReview Professional

  • Offline Overlay Configuration
  • Ability to export data to CSV and other file formats
  • Pipesheet view
  • History view for year on year comparisons
  • Programmable Interface via open API
  • Data access via geo-referenced image/map

Synchronised views of all data

For more information: Download the User Manual.

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