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VisualOverlay is a video annotation system consisting of one or more of the following:

  • A multi-channel video capture card with built in overlay capability.
  • A PCI card which may be installed into a VisualDVR or any PC to provide video overlay with a distributable S-Video or Composite output. The card supports   S-Video or Composite input in PAL or NTSC formats. Multiple cards may be installed within a single PC to create a multi-channel system.
  • A software renderer overlay built into VisualDVR for MPEG and H.264 recording.

All the fonts, styles and colours provided by Microsoft Windows are available to the overlay using the PCI card or software renderer. VisualOverlay uses a simple drag & drop interface and supports multiple data inputs via serial ports or UDP network comms. The system can also receive data broadcast directly from VisualDataLog.

VisualOverlay Features

  • Standalone or built-in to VisualDVR
  • Easy drag & drop configuration
  • Multiple screens/pages
  • Simple On/Off switching
  • Survey data display
  • Logos
  • Configurable text
  • Text or logo transparency
  • Compass rose display
  • Multiple serial or network inputs
  • OceanTools emulator mode
  • Taylor Lann emulator mode
  • Offline overlay in VisualEdit

For more information: Download the User Manual.

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