VisualEdit Professional

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VisualEdit Professional offers a complete solution for automated processing of survey data. This innovative software has been designed specifically for the offshore survey industry to replace the time consuming – and costly – need for manual data processing. The offline data processing features enable true auto-processing of cross profile (including Multibeam data) and survey track data using rigorous algorithms which reliably reject noise and smooth data. VisualEdit Professional has been field proven to provide a reliable solution to offshore data processing providing a path to reduced manpower and increased operational efficiency.

  • Includes all features of VisualEdit and VisualEdit Eventing
  • Manual or Automated Track, Sensor and Cross Profile Processing.
  • Apply corrections and offsets
  • Graphical and statistical QC
  • Fast, automated scan cleaning
  • Automated pipe & seabed marker placement
  • Automated burial depth
  • Repeatable batch processing… with user QC to accept/reject

Synchronised views of all data

Automated Scan Processing - Before

Automated Scan Processing - After

3D View of scan data

Pipesheet view

For more information: Download the User Manual.

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